Thursday, April 23, 2009

h a v e n

the devils

" The family is a haven in a heartless world "

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

h u j a n

h u j a n
membebaskan tubuh kita dan skaligus menjadikannya sebagai bagian dari hujan itu sendiri..menyegarkan kembali dunia kita dalam pertemuan baru antara tubuh kita dan jarak sebagai pengalaman memasuki bahasa visual yang nyata.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Andaiku tahu...

Andai ku tahu….
Kapan tiba ajalku…
Ku akan memohon tuhan tolong panjangkan umurku…

Andai ku tahu…
Kapan tiba masaku…
Ku akan memohon tuhan jangan kau ambil nyawaku…
Aku takut akan semua dosa dosaku…
Aku takut dosa yg terus membayangiku…

Andai ku tahu…
Malaikatmu kan menjemputku…
Izinkan aku mengucap kata taubat padamu…
Aku takut akan semua dosa dosaku…
Aku takut dosa yg terus membayangiku…

Ampuni aku dari segala dosa dosaku…
Ampuni aku menangis ku bertaubat padamu…
Aku manusia yang takut neraka…
Namun aku juga tak pantas disurga…

Andai ku tahu….
Kapan tiba ajalku…
Izinkan aku mengucap kata taubat padamu…
Aku takut akan semua dosa dosaku…
Aku takut dosa yg terus membayangiku…
Ampuni aku dari segala dosa dosaku…
Ampuni aku menangis ku bertaubat padamu…

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

JERAI Eco X Country Challenge 2008

JERAI Eco X Country Challenge 2008
Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of joining 44.7km cross country running for the Jerai Eco X Challenge 2008 in Yan district, Kedah Darul Aman.A team of four with my great great friends:Panjang,Hanis and Nana S***U really did a good teamwork ever during the race.It was an epic adventure of staggering climbs,windy peak and long long way across the paddy field which is very close to 40 degrees Celsius.All in all,a great way to end the season 2008

First of all,I would like to thanks a lot to my dearest friend,Ezreen for giving us extra hand by drove us direct from Cyberjaya to Pantai Murni and brought us back safely..The Cooolness is you,bibeh!! We arrived late at the registration counter at 23:40 on Friday night and luckily the organiser still waited for our team registration.Big thanks to Siti and her committee.Right after the registration,we crashed the surau at kaki Gng.Jerai and overnight inside ther.Huahauha..a no budget hotel since MMU doesn't want to sponsor us!!!

On Race Day..
Runners jumping in place and filling the cold air with sharp exhales of steamy breath.I was looking for Abg Nas to introduce my other teammate just to let him know AAC MMU team in case of anything happened to us,then we got company to be with us.I recognized many faces in the crowd as I shed my layers and got ready to race.Tok Wan and other VAT69 team (bnyk kot VAT69 antar team) were also here,really buat kitaorg psycho before race start.What so ever,we still think positive and support each other to cross the finish line within 10 hours.At 8:00am,we were off!

The race start on the beach side and we soon a giant snake of runners winding acroos the coastal trails.The pace was fast and furious up front,with VAT69 team and other professional runners.Many of us ran a more comfortable pace,absorbing the sunlight and enjoying the views.The climb up "Tangga Kenari 1000 Tahun" quickly separated the trained from the untrained, leaving many to walk the steep stairs and some of them "pecah mental" already..The reward was easy hiking trails until the second check point at the peak.We had a refreshment at water station and took Protein Plus since everybody dah merungut kelaparan.The next challenge was easy but when it took so long way down using road,it slowly burnt our feet and mental.Demmm 13km all the way down...That was sux,man!

Next challenge was not because of the course,which consist of running on a paved road to the third check point and across about 5km paddy field.It's tough because of the weather really hot until reached 40 degrees Celsius.Nana nearly mental breakdown during these course because of the heat but my other team members gave her fully mental support while I was "towing" her like nomad.HukHik...after an hour...Alhamdulillah,we completed these course safely.I was damn worried if she or one of us collapsed because of the weather.

We had a refreshment with a short break for Protein Plus again and we got company.There was one men team companied with us to complete the race.We reached the last checked point together,less than 10k to the finished line.Nana just passed by the water station,da mental la tuh.I and Hanis took a quick break at the station for water and caught up to our teammates.The volunteers let us know that there were only 5km to the finished line.Everybody was excited to finish the race but sadly right after passed by the main road,there was a 8km distance sign.Nana da mental balik,aku pon da nak pecah mental gak dok tarik cewek ni sorang2.Nasib la ada si Arif,boleh diajak bual-bual sambil2 ngorat awek kampung.Hilang sket penat.I and Nana took a walk break to get our tunes rolling while Panjang and Hanis easy jog up front.Within a few minutes I and Nana was left alone, Arif and his teammate were far behind us while Panjang and Hanis far ahead.She started buat perangai lagi,these time she doesn't want to take Power Gel.Aku dah garu kepala,I was more worried if she will be attacked by leg cramps.

We meandered back to Pekan Yan Besar (kilometer 39), where volunteers guided us to follow the race marking.The last 3km was terrible!!!The terrain isn't that challenging-it was the heat that we faced as we went through the Paddy field again.I and Hanis had to slow down the pace at the last kilometer waiting for Panjang and Nana.We had to stick together on the last kilometer until we glided down into the finish in 9:34:26 hours,good enough to complete the race within cut off time.Congrats to you guys!! "It's not as easy as you think" Personally,I really impressed with Nana.First time to join endurance racing,this was a big achievement to her by completed the race.A Big thanks to Ezreen:for being our driver :P Panjang:for letting his car jadi kuda kami Hanis:for your effort to turun padang from Melaka and Nana:DARE to take the challenge by accept the offer to replace one of our teammate.We highly appreciate it and you did captured the splendor!!! To AAC:Thanks for light up our spirits and the last but not least,MMU:Thanks for the branding,we proud of it!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

R e e f L o v e r

Lindungi Warisan Pulau Redang was an awareness programme to preserve our marine park organized by Outdoor Activities and Recreational Society ( OARS ), Multimedia University Malaysia. The project focus on the raising of marine awareness in Redang Island and Pinang Island Marine Park.There were 65 students including MMU staffs participated in 7 days 6 nights programme started from May 27 until June 1,2008.

Monday May 26,2008
Time : 22:30
Activity :
Departed to Kuala Terengganu
Everybody gathered in front of STAD building,MMU Cyberjaya an hour before the bus departed to K.T. I was wondering about the reporter and Mr.Videographer ( kesengalan ) fo
r their late.Mrs Project Director dah start bising-bising kat akuh.Hampeh! At last,we departed from MMU half an hour late as we planned.

Tuesday May 27,2008
Time : 08:00
Activity : Arrived at Jabatan Laut Jetty, Kuala Terengganu

Woke up early in the morning just after arrived at the jetty.After unload all the things we had a breakfast at the nearest stalls.The food was beautiful,i had a tasty pulut kuning + sardine fish curry + perfect half boiled eggs and hot tea.Lovely...( nak melantak lagi sebenarnya aritu tapi cam segan ngan budak2.Hate! )
The Marine Cruise ran smooth ( selembut tahi ) and fast headed to Pinang Island
Marine Park.The cool captain did 1:50 hours and people cam whoring every single space on the cruise just to fill up their time of being bored. Got some people buat taik mata also.I did my own business...dreams be dreams...
Arrived at Marine Park,we set up tent and what so called base camp.Everybody gave a good cooperation to settle all the thing fast.Free activities for every participants exc
ept for committee. ( haha...bayar murah kena la buat kerja ) Aku, Panjang, Eddie ( mat sangkut ), Miji and Ila did location reccee to the menara peninjau.The jungle trek took us half an hour to climb up and 20 minutes to climb down.However,we were quite upset because the view was not so good as we aspects.Trees grown up higher than the tower and blocked the view.
Divide the participants into groups just to make sure every participant mix with each others.

Wednesday May 28,2008
Time : 09:00

Activity : Cleaning sea shore
Cleaned up camp site
Leisure Activities.Some get into the water and some people laid lazy on the beach.
Group Activities

Thursday May 29, 2008
Time : 08:45
Activity : Island Tour ( Media and me )
Redang Island tour with Marine Team and Media by their 500Hp speedboat. The
marine chief, Mr.Raja lead the tour. He did so many explanation about the Redang Island and few islands surrounding Redang assist by the local guide to media.We had a chance to visit Thai fisherman boat.A stop at the long beach hypnotized my eyes...great view out here! ngehehe

Cleaned up jungle trails and painted the walk way
Group Presentation and Treasure Hunt

Friday May 30,2008
Time : 11:00
Activity : Activities with villagers and school children
Preparation for the activities.
Departed to Redang Island and Friday Prayer.Tarik tali competition among participants,committee and Big Momma at Berjaya Beach Resort.We enjoy
ed kids activities with primary school children and football matched with locals.That was a fabulous experienced to our foreign participant from Bangladesh.First time for all of them mixed up with our locals.
Everybody pancit already.Free activities for all.

Saturday May 31,2008
Time : 08:30
Activity : Snorkeling all-day
Morning until Afternoon
The time that everybody waited for so long.Snorkeling unlimited!!! Every
body enjoyed crystal clear water at Redang Island and had fun snorkeled at more than five stops while some monkeys enjoyed somersault and jumped from the boat top.Damn funny when other group of people stop snorkeled and watched the monkeys perform!!They all were tak tau malu nyer monkeys, so it doesn't stoped them by doing their business.The Mrs PD also one of em'.Huehuehue
Barbecue and Reggae Party!!! It was our last night and people started exchan
ged their contacts.The post moterm ran good that night.Everybody gave positive comments to the PD and her committee.Congrats to Mrs PD...A very very Good Job!!!

Sunday June 1,2008
Time : 10:00
Activity : Departed to Kuala Terengganu Jetty
Goodbye Marine Park...Goodbye Redang Island...Goodbye Pinang Island...Toodless!!! The New Marine Speedboat named Sirius fetch us at Marine Park Jetty.The journey became s
o short,damn short when everybody got busy with cam whoring everywhere on speedboat.I had a chanced to control the speedboat for awhile.Really good experienced!! Everybody became closer when the trip came to the end. Maybe only this time they really comfortable to had a conversation with each others.However,the trip was completed when the speedboat arrived at the Kuala Terengganu Jetty an hour after departed.As a one of the committee,I would like to take this as an opportunity to Congrats to Mrs PD ( Amani ) , assnt PD ( Joe Labu ) and their committees for a successful events.Not forget to all the participants Thank You for your GooD Co-Operation and SportingNess to make this event successful and full of Loves.Congratulation Everybody!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008


..If it's a broken part, replace it
But, if it's a broken heart then brace it
If it's a broken heart then face it

And hold your own
Know your name
And go your own way
Hold your own
Know your own name
And go your own way

And everything will be fine
Everything will be fine

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bukit Tabur Trip

I just finished my internship presentation yesterday and means first trimester Done!!! Now is the time for me to do whatsoever thing that i like.I woke up early in the morning and made a call to Sani asking him for day pack hiking trip.Then we setup with 2 other friends.Four of us went to Bukit Tabur on late morning.We arrived at the lone dead end tar where the starting point to climb the hill around 12 o'clock in the afternoon.As usual,a bit late as we planned. Bukit Tabur is a good place for people who cares about nature,the ridge is probably the last piece of surviving nature in the bustling Kuala Lumpur.I hope that this place can be saved from the ravages of human activities.If you like hiking,trail running or need light training, you can try Bukit Tabur. The height is not extreme,only about 1000 feet or maybe less with the limestone combination formation, however the scenery is quite stunning for the lake.We entered the hiking trail via Kampung Klang Gates, 50 meters from the gates of the Klang Gates Dam, at the back of Taman Melawati.The whole hiking trip took us 2 hours an a half,relax climb up and down ( 45 minutes with stopping taking pictures ).Here are some pictures taken during the trip